Blackberry Pearl Theme | Clean Black

1 02 2008

I’ve created what I refer to as the ‘Clean Black’ theme. It has only the essentials featured. The icons are in black & white until you hover over them, then they come to life with a color theme. I have not created any themes for anything other than an 8100 simply because I have absolutely no way of testing. I have an 8100 so this suits my purposes fine. If you would like to help me test current/future themes, please drop me a comment and I’ll see what we can work out.

download this theme

download this theme




One response

26 04 2008
Anti Andy

This theme is killer. Just DLed it.
Now here’s a question…
Is it possible to do this same theme, but the “polar opposite”, i.e.-white icons and fonts against black graphics?
I have gone to a lot of trouble to set my comp up that way, because for me, visually it’s more appealing AND easier to read and navigate…and I’d like to have my phone that way as well.
I’ve looked around the net for themes and found one that I’m currently using called Black Diamond that is close to what I want, but I hate that it reverts to black type on white BG for menu screens, and the fact that when I lock it, my wallpaper disappears and it says “Gemblock” on the locked screen.
I would be happy to provide some images from my own mind (and comp) for use in creating a theme of this style if you think it’s something you’d like to do.
I have taken a look at the Plazmic Theme Builder just to see if it’s something I could work with…but I think a lot of it may be over my head. I’m fine with Photoshop, not so good with code.
SO, point being, I’d be willing to part with $15-20 for a custom theme if we could work that out.
You’re doing great stuff here for us Berryheads. Thanks.

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