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4 02 2008

I was 14 when a friend introduced me to web design. Nothing but an extremely simple marquee that proclaimed “Hello World!” almost at the same time I said, “Hello Web!” Over the years I’ve worked on bettering myself and my presence on the web. I’ve learned that a page loaded with 30 of my favorite 500×500 photos takes just under and eternity to load on a page with a 56k modem. Speaking of modems, isn’t silence great?

In the past 9 years I’ve learned a tremendous amount about the web. What I’ve learned the most about recently is CSS or Cascading Style Sheets. CSS has changed every aspect of how I develop a website. CSS, when first presented, was seen as a great tool for updating text and rollover link styles and simple background colors. NOW, CSS is one of the most critical and intricate parts to just about every website. Everything from the older simple controls (text, colors, links, etc.) to extremely complex dropdown menus and photo galleries (coupled with javascript).

CSS has the power to create an entire website with a fraction of the code older ’90s sites used. Within that fraction of code it has the ability to display it even better than before. My philosophy is LESS CODE, MORE CONTENT. CSS is just that. A minimal amount of code is needed to generate the same website as one that requires pages of code. I used to build strictly in tables. Everything was tables. Now I build with one table (if even one table) ONLY to hold everything. The rest of my build is done in CSS. There is so much more versatility and usefulness. If I need to make a change that’s sitewide or even specific to a section of the site, all I have to do is make a change to my CSS style sheet and it’s done. No worrying about whether or not I managed to make the change on every affected page.

To sum up, CSS is one of the most critical parts to any website. If you want to make it as a web developer, learn CSS.




3 responses

5 02 2008

I didn’t know how important/efficient CSS was. Thanks for sharing!

12 02 2008

how do i install the theme after downloading at my pc?

12 02 2008

Goto and make sure you have the Desktop Manager installed on your computer. After that you goto “Application Loader” and click install and browse to where you saved the theme and install it.

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