Blackberry Pearl Theme | Jot It Down

20 02 2008

THIS THEME IS AWESOME! I love how it turned out. I’m currently using it on my phone and don’t have plans on changing it anytime soon. I personally think it is the best theme I’ve done so far.

The name of the theme is of course ‘Jot It Down’. It’s made to look like rough worn paper with writing on it. It has a coffee stain which makes it look a lot more realistic. I got inspiration for this theme from Disainihai on deviantART the Sketchnote theme for the iPhone.

Enjoy the new theme and let me know what you think. I love it.

download this theme

download this theme




31 responses

20 02 2008

hey! this theme looks really cool but the link won’t work to let us use it!!

21 02 2008

To everyone who tried to download this theme, I apologize for the broken link.

It has been corrected.

25 04 2008

Can I get an OTA for this? I really would like to have it.

25 04 2008

It will be available OTA from and in the very very near future.

27 04 2008
Jot it down Blackberry Pearl 8100 series Theme | Viral Electronics

[…] Jot it down from Blackberry Pearl 8100 series theme from Zach The Z Man.  This is another nice and unique theme from Zach.  Check out the rest of our free blackberry themes. […]

27 04 2008

I love this tyme but I have am 8130… anyway to make it work?

28 04 2008

How near are we talkin? I am to the point of offering you up a human sacrifice for it! It’s cool. And I know it’ll work with my 8130, I just need the OTA! Anyway, the email addy for my gmail is there, if you wanna let me know, or I can give you the bb email addy… Just say the words!

30 04 2008

Will this work on an 8130…when will it be available over the air?

1 05 2008

Has anyone else had problems with the symbols coming up very slowly? It takes probably 4 seconds for each screen of symbols to change for me. Pearl 8110

2 05 2008

Zack – I haven’t heard anything. Are you still having trouble?

7 05 2008

Any plans to make it for other phones? Like the curve?

8 05 2008

Yes – all themes will make their way to the 88xx and 83xx models

11 05 2008

Does this not work for the 8130 pearl? I can get it downloaded, but when I open Desktop Manager it gives me a “No additional applications designed for your device were found” Any ideas?

12 05 2008

Yes it does work, but apparently it only works on some 8130’s? What OS are you using? I’ve heard of people getting it to work with having 4.3 installed.

12 05 2008

i get the same error message as JAZZN06. “No additional applications designed for your device were found” Any ideas?

12 05 2008

Like I said, it works for about 50% of the people who use it and I’m not sure why. I’m trying to figure it out.

12 05 2008

ok so i got an 8130 with the upgraded os… I use the desktop manager and i can load the theme. But it does not apper in the themes settings section. But it appears in the applications on my phone? any ideas?

15 05 2008

Maybe the problem is with the os then, I think (I know I should know) is 4.2

20 05 2008

Any way of getting this as a Zen theme?

26 05 2008

OTA please, OTA please, OTA please, OTA please, OTA please, OTA please, OTA please…

22 08 2008

i don’t understand how to use this theme on my blackberry pearl 8100.
i just got it and i don’t know how to trick it out.
can somebody please help me.
p.s. this theme is really really super CUTE! :]

8 09 2008
Rick Tait

I would be VERY interested in paying for an 8330 version of this theme ASAP. Also, interested in paying $ for a custom “UNIX shell” style theme, similar to this one. Interested in taking commissions? 🙂 Email me.

27 09 2008

I CANT FIND MY OPTIONS!!!! I put this theme on my phone and now my option button is LOST!

10 10 2008

I was having the same problem installing as the previous posters, but I upgraded my desktop manager to the newest version, and it installed just fine.

the theme looks awesome, by the way. you are the king of life.

the only thing that bothers me visually are the two icons that don’t show up as words (browser and email)…but it really is a small price to pay for such a cool theme:)

Thanks for making this. You made me a happy girl:)

10 10 2008

Can I just mention that I’ve been using this theme for only a half a day and I’m in love with it? It seriously kills me to break away from “today” mode, but this is so worth it. Thanks again!

11 10 2008
Andre Cavas

Good phone…lots of buttons and handy features.
Great phone. The calander is handy. The only downfall is that you cant create video messages or recieve video messages. The keyboard is great for text messages. The phone does take some getting use to. It seems more complicated then your average cell phone.

28 10 2008

I have been eyeing this theme for a while..but i still can’t find an OTA link =[ is it up yet or is it not going to be up at all?

1 12 2008

I downloaded this theme, and it is good. only a few things that i found- the date on the top doesnt display quite right, unless there is a way for me to make the banner part at the top bigger without altering the theme. the symbols for some themes do take longer to move. dont know why that happens. might have something to do with the font.

1 12 2008

& one more thing, the font size on the message list could be increased a bit too please?

15 12 2008

i installed the vista theme i used it once and when i restarted my phone it was jut desapire i dont know what to do plz help me!!!!!

30 12 2008

Hey I downloaded this theme and I got to the media card file but how do I SET it as my theme??

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