Blackberry Pearl Theme | zSpecial One

3 03 2008

Hands down, BEST THEME YET! This theme is my all time favorite so far. I’ve asked several different people there opinions and they all agreed that this one takes the cake. It’s named “zSpecial One” in hopes that I can have a long list of special edition themes.

Thank you for all the support. PLEASE, let me know what you think about my themes so that I can improve upon them.

download this theme

download this theme




13 responses

17 04 2008

This theme is really tight!! Thanks.

17 04 2008

will this work on the pearl 8130

19 04 2008

I cant get it to load onto my pearl 8100. it says no application available for your device. I have 4.2 running. I really like this theme

20 04 2008
Z Special Theme for Blackberry Pearl 8100 series | Viral Electronics

[…] Blackberry Pearl 8100 Series theme.  This is a very clean and good looking theme so enjoy.  It is made by  Zach the Z Man.  Check out all of our free Blackberry Pearl and Curve […]

21 04 2008
BB World » zSpecialOne e Kuromi SANRIO Zen: i due temi di oggi

[…] I temi sempre al centro dell’attenzione qui a bbworld, diciamo che io ve li controllo tutti e vi indico quelli che secondo me sono più meritevoli. Oggi inizio con un tema per BlackBerry 81xx zSpecialOne, assolutamente ben fatto e con icone molto particolari. Scaricalo in ZIP da zachthezman84. […]

21 04 2008

Penny –

I’m not sure why you’re getting the load error. This one seems kind of “finniky” with people’s phones. It’s working on most but I have found a few people that it’s not working on at all and I can’t seem to figure out why.

Hopefully zSpecial Two won’t have this issue.

27 05 2008

This theme is great!!! I’m wondering why there isn’t a matching icon for BB Maps.

13 07 2008

omg.. this theme is PERFECT! been looking for something to replace my bphone icon set with and this is WONDERFUL! but sadly, there is no 8330 theme? is there a possibility that you will transfer this theme onto a 8330 by any chance? thanks a lot! your themes are the best!

20 07 2008

Love this theme have it loaded on my pearl 8110! However something weird happens when I scroll over the calc icon, it changes from the calculator graphic to the calendar graphic!!
minor glitch to an excellent theme, any chance this can be fixed??

13 09 2008

this is what i’ve been loking for. keep up the good work.

13 09 2008

this is a very cool theme. the only thing i would recomend is to make it it in zen format aswell. still its a dope theme.

2 10 2008

I tried to download this theme OTA but never received the e-mail. A little help please?

6 11 2008

i made a theme, but i dont know how to download it onto my bb pearl 8100. help please!

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