Blackberry Pearl Theme | Classy

17 03 2008

To all my fans — I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything new in a while. Life is busy.

This theme took me a long time to get right. While I don’t think it’s my best, I do like the way it flows. I chose the name “Classy” because it flows and the script font gives it a classy look and feel.


download this theme

download this theme




7 responses

1 04 2008


I just visited this site unintentionally and I have to say:


really, I’ve been looking through all sorts of forums to find some decent looking themes for my 8100 and I finally found some 🙂

I really love your iPhone themes – although I like the old one better…somehow 😉

anyway, keep up the good work, I love it


1 04 2008

Thanks for the support. I’m glad you like the themes.

Your comment is exactly why I started doing the themes. It is so hard to find some decent themes without having to pay for them.

Check back often for new ones.

14 04 2008

These icons are great, can you change the theme a little to a less girly look using these icons.


14 04 2008

Ha ha, I’ll see what I can do garypip.

14 04 2008


I just submitted your site to Ronen @ You’ve done some great work here…and it needs to be shown..

With the power of Berry will be bombarded with hits!



15 04 2008

Steve –

Thanks so much. I really appreciate all of the support. If it wasn’t for people like you and everyone who’s visited this site it wouldn’t be what it is now.

I really do appreciate it.

21 04 2008

Hi Zach,

I have downloaded almost all of your “creations” and I wanted to tell you THANK YOU. My English is not great so I’ll try to be clear as much as I can but I have some suggestions:
I regret that the “Classy” & “System” themes are not available in a “Zen” version.
My favorite is the Iphone theme but I think that the Clock is too big..anyway it is my opinion I was trying to edit the themes but I guess that it’s not possible and maybe it’s better that way, in order to respect your work.

Thank you one more time!

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