Blackberry Pearl Theme | System

3 04 2008

‘Bout time i came out with a new theme. This one is very simple. Not a whole lot to it. I call it ‘System’ due to it being very plain and not much glamor like a system file.

HOWEVER, this theme is fully capable of taking on any and all backgrounds without changing the theme up. I have run into problems with my previous themes where it’s hard – sometimes ridiculous – to change the background image and have the theme still look good. I hope that my new themes will change all of that.

I’ve posted 2 pictures of the theme blank and 1 CUSTOM picture of what it looks like with my background on it and how I’m using it on my phone.


download this theme

Custom use of the theme on my phone:

download this theme




2 responses

3 04 2008

Nice! Keep up the good work!

16 04 2008
Free System theme for Blackberry Pearl 8100 series | Viral Electronics

[…] Smooth looking System them for the Blackberry Pearl 8100 series phones.  Check out Zack the Z Man for this theme and more free themes, also check out our full list of free themes we have […]

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