Blackberry Theme | iVista

19 05 2008

The long wait is over and I have finally released my latest theme: iVista



81xx Version

83xx/88xx Version

iVista provides the very best of both the iPhone world with a the sophisticated look and feel of Vista. This combination provides a very unique experience unlike any other Blackberry theme around.


Show some love and support!

Thanks to EVERYONE for the help,
Zach “The Z Man”




9 responses

19 05 2008

Great work! Glad to see it in it’s final stages and it is as great as you said it was going to be!

19 05 2008
Zach has a new iVista very hot Blackberry Theme | Viral Electronics

[…] Zach the Z Man that has created our two free themes, the Pink Pearl Theme and the Blue Pearl Theme, has created a great looking iVista Theme. This is not a free theme but it does look great and is unique. When Zach first showed it to me I was deffanitly WOW’d and told him it looked great so check it out.  He has it in Blackberry Pearl, Curve and 8800 series. […]

20 05 2008
BB World » iVista Theme per BlackBerry

[…] Lo so, ne ho appena parlato, tuttavia quando arrivano le notifiche su alcuni temi veramente belli, non mi posso esimere dal farveli notare. Mi è già capitato di parlare nel recente passato di zachthezman, un ragazzo che in fatto di design di temi sà veramente il fatto suo. Zach ha reso ufficiale oggi un tema assolutamente strepitoso, iVista, e non tanto per l’ispirazione (temi Vista style se ne sono visti) quanto per le funzionalità dello stesso. Il tema è creato con il wallapeper VISTA e le iconde iPhone, ma sono soprattutto le icone di funzione, diverse dalle altre, che rendono questo tema, qualcosa di mai visto. Il tema non è free, ma è acquistabile a $7.00 da MobiHand. Disponibile per BlackBerry 81xx, 83xx e 88xx. Controlla sul sito dell’autore. […]

22 05 2008

well done!!! you are business expert!!!

28 05 2008

jester says : I absolutely agree with this !

28 05 2008

Sorry to bother you, I’m very interested in the iVista theme. Just wanted to know is there a way to have just the regular 5icons as the main page and then click on the applications just like the B.B.Dimension Zen or regular Sprint themes? And if so how do you do it?

12 06 2008

Great work! Bought it! THX!!!

1 09 2008

Hello, how do I install it to my blackberry? I downloaded it and I get two files, a COD and an AXL… how do I transfer them to my blackberry?.. I’m sorry, I’m new at this..
Thank you!

28 11 2008

hey man i love the themes, i think a great upgrade would be adding a feature such as scroll to unlock….like roll the trackball and it unlocks just as an i phone would if u touch it

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