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18 03 2008

Man….your Blackberry pearl 8100 themes are awesome…please let me know if you do more!!

Thanks so Much,


24 03 2008


I’m glad you like the themes. I will continue to add them more frequently in the coming days. I’m working on a new website and the themes will be more readily available there.

Thanks for the support,
The Z Man

9 04 2008

i think you really do a good job on these themes.
ive just started a blackberry pearl site,was wondering if i could post some of them on my site,obviously full credit to you will be given..
let me know and i will respect your answer
regards Paul..

9 04 2008

Sure thing Paul. Gimmie the credit and I have no problem with you putting them on your site. If you would please do me one more favor, just post a link along with the them that sends them back to my (this) site.

Thanks for the support and I’m glad you like the themes.

9 04 2008

Wow thanks very much.
A link to here and credit will be included on the themes i post..
regards Paul

9 04 2008

You’re welcome.
Thank you, for spreading the word. Glad you like them.

I’ll put a link to your site from mine on here too.

Keep up the good work.

9 04 2008

Ok cheers my friend,im only just getting into the blackberry,i use to be into modding motorola phones,but the pearl is like a breath of fresh air,id like to learn how to do the themes one day…..
regards Paul

11 04 2008

Just to let you know my new domain…
cheer Paul..

11 04 2008

I just found your site and I’m a theme junkie. Your themes are just perfect, no cropped fonts, hard to read highlights or missing dates on my 8130.

Thanks so much!!

17 04 2008
Lisa aka Erashnl t4bb

I first saw your themes on Themes4BB and wow let me tell you I have made a few myself and yours are totally just amazing the icons and detail are awesome…… What I run into is there are only soooo many places to find things like the icons and the meters and it’s frustrating because I’m not a computer literate person so I’m really pushing it just trying to do the theme thing as it is!!! lol So I was wondering-do you make your own things or find them online somewhere??? If so would you consider sharing the sites with me so I can be a bit more unique with my themes??? I understand if you make them and want to keep them out of the public availability but if they are from an available website, would love to know what it is cuz I have been everywhere just looking to be different!!! Anyway keep up the great work your themes really are just amazing…. I will def be visiting your page to see what you create next….. Sorry about the novel didnt mean for it to be… Lisa

23 04 2008

i’m having trouble downloading these, how do i do it?

24 04 2008

Jessica –

Which theme are you trying to download in particular? There should be a yellow/orange button above and below the pictures of the theme that says “download this theme.” If you click that it should download a .zip file with the theme inside.

24 04 2008

The site is great. Makes me wish I didn’t trade in the pearl for the curve.

keep up the good work

15 06 2008

Do your themes work for the 8130 or are they just for the 8100?

25 08 2008

long life thezman84..

3 09 2008

after i have unzipped how should i set it as my theme..coz it says i need .theme extension..

24 12 2008

Very nice themes…please make jot it down in a curve verison…please/////

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