Show Some Support

28 04 2008

My brother-in-law (soon to be) has been working very hard on a mountain biking blog and it’s a great site.

Show some support and drop him a line and tell him what you think. I realize this has absolutely nothing to do with BB users/abusers, but hey, who doesn’t like to bike.



27 04 2008

This is incredible! 21,000 hits before July. I think I’m really going to have to raise the bar on this next one. I’m thinkin’…

50,000 before end of July!

I think it can be done. You guys and gals are amazing. I’ve gotten much more of a response than I EVER anticipated. It’s truly amazing.

I have a couple of themes in the works so be on the lookout real soon.

Blackberry Pearl Theme | Vista 2.0 Today

21 04 2008


For more information on the Vista 2.0 theme click here to view the post.


download this theme

download this theme

New Contact Method

17 04 2008

I’m now available for questions and comments from 9:00am – 5:00pm (EST) Monday – Friday on AIMzachthezman84

We’ll see how this works out for now. If it just completely sucks I’ll cut it. We’ll see.

Status Update

14 04 2008

WOW! I finally hit 10,000 visitors, and only did it a month and a half ahead of my goal. INCREDIBLE! Thank you so much to everyone who has visited and returned and passed it on. I owe it all to ya’ll.

20,000 by the end of July

– I have a lot of requests for the themes to be made available to 8300 users. I’m proud to say that I have someone I’m working with to test my themes before release to perfect anything I might have missed. I do not own an 8300 so therefore it’s very hard to test on one 🙂 but I’ll get something up for you 8300 people.

OTA downloads will be becoming available for all themes! I have had a lot of request to make the themes available for download OTA and they will be made available in the very near future.

Thank you so much again for all the support that has been shown. I will do my best to get things available ASAP.

Blackberry Pearl Theme | bVersatile 1.0

11 04 2008

I’m actually quite pleased how this theme turned out. It’s kinda nifty. It’s not entirely practical because it is a little difficult to navigate on the fly, but if you have some time to play around with it it’s actually quite cool.

The original inspiration came from zubstyle and his iPhone deviation he created: Click to view.


download this theme

download this theme

Blackberry Pearl Theme | Vista 2.0

4 04 2008

THIS THIS FREAKING ROCKS!! I took A LONG LONG time developing this one. I tried my best to perfect everything and make sure that everything works correctly. I think this theme is one of – if not the – BEST one so far.

I’ll probably not do another Vista theme for a while. I think I’m going to try my hand at a Mac OS X theme and see what I come up with.



download this theme

download this theme