Upcoming Themes

This is just a list of themes that you can expect to see in the near future. I am not going to put hard dates on any of themes simply because I am also working on making them all available on the 8800 and the 8300.

The List:
— Vista 2.0 (Today) [complete]
— Viral Electronics [special for www.viralelectronics.com] [complete] [blue version] [pink version]
— Crackberry.com [special for www.crackberry.com] [complete] [see it here]

Possible Creations:
— zSpecial Two
— Vista 3.0
— Mac OS X
— iPhone 2 (Today)
— bDriven

This page will be updated often. Try and keep up 😀


8 responses

21 04 2008
Kevin Michaluk

I’m excited to see the CrackBerry Zen Theme for CrackBerry.com!!! 🙂

30 04 2008

Neat themes!!! Need to do a cool pirate one!!!!

7 05 2008

hy, i would like to have a today themes whith only the message and calendar application whith possibility to have more than two event in the screen.

your themes looks realy great i hope you have enouth demand for that.



23 05 2008

Awesome themes, great job!!! Was wondering if you are/were thinking of making a iphone style theme (similar to your iVista, Vista2.0,etc) but with the names of the icons beneath it. For example, the word “Browser” would be under the browser icon. Makes it a little easier to know what your selecting especially for new users. Hope you’ve had demands for this , tks!!!

13 07 2008

i second the zSpecial Two theme! great work, great themes!

3 08 2008

nice themes

13 10 2008

okay well i just have to say thankyou to your amazing themes
i SWEAR i have so much fun showing off to my friends the cool creative themes you have created for us.

thankyou so much without you my blackberry would be so plain!

13 11 2008

I love these themes good work, i really want to see an izen bottom theme, and also a tutorial lol i have ideas just dont know how to use the plazmik thingy thanks a lot

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